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Smarter Decisions. Better Yields.

Based on years of in-depth research and field studies conducted by the University of California, CropManage provides real-time recommendations for the most efficient, effective, and sustainable irrigation and fertilization applications possible—all while maintaining or improving overall yield.
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Benefits to Growers

Based on a few simple inputs, CropManage can provide any level of irrigation and fertilization decision support in order to validate or improve your existing operation' production—and increase your overall confidence.
Water Reduction

20% to 40% Reduction in Water and Fertilizer With Same Yields

CropManage is ground-truthed in more than 30 field trials and has produced consistent, or in many cases, improved crop yields.

Supports Irrigation AND Fertilization Recommendations

CropManage combines irrigation and fertilization recommendations that, when used together, significantly improve yields while reducing costs.

Steeped in Deep Research

CropManage is the result of years of ongoing, in-depth University of California agricultural research and crop modeling algorithms.
No Extra Equipment

No Extra Equipment Required

CropManage allows growers to leverage their existing infrastructure and does not require operational changes or purchase/implementation of new equipment.

How It Works

CropManage combines a wide variety of data inputs including past and future weather, evapotranspiration, satellite imagery, soil physical and chemical properties (texture, bulk density, nutrients), irrigation system efficiency, and other related variables to generate accurate and timely irrigation and fertilization recommendations based on crop-specific models.
CropManage can be used as a stand-alone, online decision support and operational task management tool, or can be integrated into other software applications via API connectivity. Furthermore, users can customize CropManage for the site-specific conditions of their farm or ranch, and the application can be integrated with infield soil moisture and flowmeter sensors.
I believe CropManage could change how we grow food in California and the world. It's a science-backed way to precisely manage and reduce water and fertilizer. It's a win for farmers, communities, and consumers. This is the University of California turning science into solutions at its finest.
Gabriel Youtsey
Chief Innovation Officer
University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources